There is nothing doper to me than a minority striving for something greater than the stereotype

7:36 PM

After speaking to one of my friends from school and clearing my head space,and talking about all the struggle of being a minority in certain fields. Dealing with all the set backs that are binded with our nation and still striving for the better. I started realizing something that maybe I should have a long time ago. That we as humans sometimes think we are limited to our social standards and issue rather than been limited to our own personal goals and limitations. Growing up I had so many whispers in my ear why stick with been a Chem Major why not become a fashion designer, you are setting yourself up for this and that. Then I realized those people in your life weeds which destroy your perfect lawn that is your mindset. They are speaking from their own insecurities and fear. The statement I made of been "greater than the stereotype" to me is simply saying to yourself no I will not settle for what road people want me to take. I will lead rather than follow. Although I do not fit in with the circle that seem as been beneficial does not make me less worthy than someone else. Due to the fact that I am not attracting does who associate with those things does not make me less of a person. So next time your planning on giving up on your goals remember that you already beat the stereotype so why stop now. Sincerely, - V.

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