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Indian Tumeric, Aztec Indian Healing Clay (wholefoods) or Vitamin Shoppe, Braggs Apple Cider

For years I have been dealing with skin issues, this includes hyper pigmentation, and cyst pimples which are caused by hormones. I have heard of this mask which is made with Aztec Clay but was very scared and skeptical to try it but eventually took a leap of faith and purchased it. What happened my whole skin health changed from a C to A-, my hyper-pigmentation has been clearing up and my skin barely has burst in break outs. 

What happened to my Skin??
The first time I used it my skin pulsated, I literally felt like someone was sucking all the dirt out of my skin. After washing it off my pores were nearly gone. As I used the mask over time I started realizing how much this mask picked up my skin. I am currently still using this mask and went from once a week to twice a week or as much as I need.

What do each ingredient do for the skin??
Turmeric- Is a spice used in traditional Indian weddings to perfect the skin of the brides. It has also been supposedly proven by scientist to decrease the size of tumors and also it also is a very good antibacterial component.

Aztec Indian Clay- A great detoxifying ingredient which removes the dirt that are stuck deep inside the pores.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Contains AHA which is also known as Alpha Hydroxy acid which gets rid of the layer of the skin and has helped with exfoliation. 
Tip: It is best to use an apple cider vinegar with Mother in it. 

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