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To all who may be reading this blog, thank you for your time. I would like to introduce this blog as my journey through the next few years as I end my College career and continue onto my next step. I will be starting off by introducing my name as Chiamaka V. Asimama-Duruaku but you can just call my Valerie. As you can tell by the long name I am Nigerian. I am currently in University and studying Chemistry while also pursuing a minor in Fashion(yes I actually make clothes while cooking up some concoctions in the lab lol). My blog will basically take you on a journey through my mindset, I will also be talking about some skin care tips since I eventually want to continue my career in Cosmetic Chemistry and Dermatology. I will also throw some fashion tips basically a life style blog. Let me stop boring you with my life and get on with it. Sincerly, -V.

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